Third Thanksgiving Feast at Marcella’s Kitchen

Another Thanksgiving staple opens its doors to host a lunch for the community.  Marcella’s Kitchen has been feeding families for the past three years.  A Thanksgiving feast is on the menu.

“We’ve got turkey and dressing, mashed potatoes sweet potatoes, green beans, pumpkin pie, couple of salads and orange salad and cranberry sauce,” said founder, Marcella Perkins.

Perkins founded the community dinner three years ago.  The process is like a well-oiled machine from a small building in Marshall County.

“Over 51,000 meals have been cooked in our little kitchen,” said Perkins.

Volunteer, Faye Byrnes, is not a professional cook.  She just loves to help and fill the stomachs of others.

“I get so much joy out of it, and I am just watching them be happy,” said Byrnes.

For two hours on Thanksgiving, strangers and friends, both young and old, sit down, break bread and soon become family.

“The kitchen, and the people, the teams of people that work and the friends that come in.  It’s my heart,” said Perkins.

It all comes from a good place, the heart.

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