Black Diamond throws out cash on Black Friday

Most people shop on Black Friday for a chance at big savings, but shoppers at Black Diamond Harley-Davidson got to take part in an event aimed giving out cash.

Thousands of shoppers came to Black Diamond Harley-Davidson at the crack of dawn.

“We actually have been out since 4:30 last night and we have not been to bed yet,” said Mashale Castalli.

Fighting for the hope that Christmas would come early in the form of some cold hard cash falling from the sky.

“People just right before the holidays love to have the money,” said Scott Wedeking

“We’ve spent lots of money so now we’ve got to refill so we can go back out shop,” said Castalli.

While other businesses are taking money in on Black Friday, Black Diamond Harley-Davidson is literally throwing money away, $10,000 to be exact.

“I hope this will take care of somebody that really needs it,” said Shad Zimbro. “Maybe this will be a little boy or a little girl’s bicycle, or something that their parents could get to give them something like that. I really hope this helps out some families.”

No matter what shoppers walked away with the hope was that they wouldn’t leave southern Illinois empty handed.

“Spend it local,” said Zimbro. “Let’s buy your Christmas presents locally here and try to keep as much money as we can here locally in southern Illinois.”

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