Fire destroys Ballard County home, family thankful for community support

At 24, Brian Green has been through more ups and downs than most of us would ever experience.

“I worked hard for all this, but to see it gone in a matter of minutes, that’s the worst feeling you could ever feel in your life,” he said of a Thursday night fire that destroyed his Ballard County home.

Green bought the home and moved in with his wife last year.  They have a 10 month-old daughter – her newly renovated bedroom brought down by flames.

“From what I heard, five minutes it was gone and if anybody had been in the house and didn’t know it, that would have been it,” Green said.

Green posted a picture on Facebook Wednesday of a Christmas tree he put up, celebrating his family’s first Christmas together.  Now, the tree stand is barely noticeable after the fire.  “Just got the Christmas tree put up night before last.  Everything happens all at one time,” he said.

Green, who is an Army veteran, said losing his home to fire is harder than training for war.  “You can’t be trained for this.  This is not something that you can read a textbook and be trained for,” Green told Local 6.

Despite losing all his military records and awards, Green said he’s thankful it wasn’t worse.  As people are caught up on holiday shopping this weekend, Green wants them to know this time of the year isn’t about gifts and gadgets, but faith and family.

“A house is four walls. Your home is your family and when it comes down to it, if you’re family is okay and you have the Lord then there is always a tomorrow,” Green said with a smile.

The Spring Bayou Baptist Church in Kevil, Kentucky is taking donations for the family.  

Brian wears size 36/32 pants, size 10.5 shoes and large shirt.  His wife Brittany wears size 15 pants, size 8 shoes and large shirt.  Their daughter Natalie wears 24 months clothes and size 4 shoes.

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