Local businesses benefiting from Cyber Monday

After Black Friday and Small Business Saturday many of you are continuing the holiday shopping, but on your computer screens.

According to ComScore Research, more people are shopping online, spending almost $2.5 billion on Cyber Monday alone.

For bigger corporations like Target and Walmart, the National Retail Federation says Cyber Monday will last several days, even weeks.

But with all that time, online sales are still expected to peak at almost 77% during today’s cyber Monday sales.  However, it’s not just corporations selling big online, our local store fronts are also reaping the benefits of the cyber sale day.

The local boutique, Ribbon Chix store will process more online orders today than the entire Black Friday weekend

Brittany McDaniel is the head of shipping for local boutique, and says she was anticipating a very busy Monday, “These are going to be the most busiest days for me.”

Her job entails processing, pulling, and packaging orders for all the orders the boutique receives online to ship nationwide. McDaniel says Small Business Saturday helps with cyber sales as well. She says, “People that come in on Saturday can see oh and check out the online that Monday.”

Including shoppers like Sam Mauney. She says she does a bulk of her shopping online, “I find myself online shopping all the time it’s not just a Cyber Monday thing.”

She’s like a lot of shoppers, who continue their holiday shopping online for several days all in the holiday spirit, “I’m not inclined to buy myself stuff, I like to buy other people stuff, I like to see their faces.”

McDaniel knows she’ll be busy for the next week, knowing the convenience of holiday cyber shopping is in the spirit of giving, “I’ll call and tell them that the shipments coming and it makes their day.”

Another Cyber Monday boost is not only shopping on your computers, but also on your tablets and phones.

Something to keep in mind with all your spending, Giving Tuesday. Tuesday’s Giving Tuesday is the global day dedicated to celebrating generosity.

But before you go shopping online, make sure you protect your identity.

  • The Better Business Bureau suggests making a shopping list before you go online.
  • Be sure that you’re anti-virus and anti-spyware software is up-to-date.
  • Read the privacy policy of each site you use before giving out your information.

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