Kentucky Senator may run for President

Senator Rand Paul is running again for the U.S. Senate in 2016.

In a news release, Paul said he hopes to continue the task of repairing and revitalizing the nation.

The Kentucky Republican is also considering running for President in 2016.

His team believes there are ways around a Kentucky law to run for Senate re-election and President at the same time.

Here are some of his options…

  • Paul could run for Senate in Kentucky’s primary and for President in another state.
  • He could try to move the primary date.
    • If Kentucky holds its Presidential in March and keeps the Senate primary in May, Paul could still run for both offices while not being on the ballot for both at the same time.
  • Paul could also ask Kentucky’s GOP to change its rules.
    • The party can decide on a method other than a primary, including a caucus, a straw poll or a convention.

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