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Have you written out your Christmas list yet? Some of the things you may want, could be outdated in the next few years.

Back in 1991, you could buy a computer with a 20 mb hard drive for $1,600. For perspective, today you can buy a 1 gigabyte flash drive for $2.

In fact, almost everything you see in an ad from a 1991 Radio Shack’s President’s Day sale you’re carrying right now.

The smartphone you have is far more advanced. A $12 weather radio is a free app today. The $14 alarm clock, $5 calculator, $200 mobile cellular telephone, and $50 answering machine all come standard on phones and tablets today.

The portable CD player is replaced by mp3s, and the $800 VHS camcorder that was on sale for $100 off, we’ve got that too with a superior picture.

Even a $100 channel desktop scanner is now available as a free app. Apps for both iPhones and Androids will pick up police and fire transmission from across the country.

The only thing in the ad you can’t get on a smarthphone are the radar detector, bookshelf speaker, and CB radio.

What did cost $3,000, is included in every handheld device today without costing an extra dime.

Tech moves fast and gets better, and cheaper, everyday.

But some gadgets from the 70’s are now more expensive then they were then. An original Apple computer recently sold for $671,000.

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