Racers have a new motto they are using for the season

After losing to Xavier by 27 points last month, Murray State head coach Steve Prohm began searching for something to bring his team together. And just like he has done in the past, he found it, after doing one of his daily devotionals.

“Drive the piling,” Prohm said. “You can’t prepare for a tsunami the day it comes. Your house had to be built with a strong foundation.”

The saying immediately struck a cord with his players.

“Driving the piling makes since,” said senior Jarvis Williams. “We started off rough and faced something like a tsunami, but stood strong with each other.”

“They understand what it means,” Prohm said. “That is the most important thing, that they understand it, not just say it.”

Since that game the Racers have improved, not just in how well they have played, but in the way they have played.

“Not taking days off, played great defense,” said Prohm. “They have shared the basketball. In the last 70 shots we have 50 assists.”

But “driving your piling” is also meant for the players to use outside of basketball.

“You can use that while you are at your job,” said senior Jonathan Fairell. “Use it for a friend that needs it, because it is not just a basketball term.”

“We have to continue to drive the piling and build onto this foundation we already have,” Prohm said.

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