Daymar Campus in Paducah no longer accepting new students

A for-profit college with a Paducah campus is no longer accepting new students and could close it’s door for good.

In 2011, a local lawyer sued the Daymar Group accusing the college of promising job placement and credit transfers to students, and never delivering on those promises.

The lawsuit went to the Kentucky Supreme Court, but they’re still waiting on a ruling. After years spent fighting the lawsuit, Daymar’s bottom line, and enrollment numbers, are suffering in Paducah.

Paducah Campus Director Greg Webb sent Local 6 a copy of a news release that said he and other school officials were meeting on Wednesday to decide the fate of the Paducah campus.

The release promises that currently enrolled students would be able to finish their perspective program, and that they would do everything they could to ensure the fulfillment of each student’s education.

After exhausting their budget fighting lawsuits, Webb says the campus is in financial trouble and considering bankruptcy.

Attorney Mark Bryant says he’s never been comfortable with the campus’ practices.

“What they did was bring these students in, sign them up, get them terribly indebted, tell them they could get them jobs and transfer their credit hours, and that just simply was not true,” said Bryant.

After getting loads of phone calls from frustrated students, he filed a suit against them. He says his firm is partly to blame for the financial distress of Daymar and he’s happy with that.

“It really was, and is, a miscarriage of justice, and if Daymar is going down the tubes, that’s just fine with me,”said Bryant.

Bryant says he’d be proud of his team, if Daymar closed for good.

Three other Daymar campuses have recently shut down in Clinton, Scottsville, and Louisville.

The news release from Daymar does not address if or when faculty members could be out of  job.

You can read the full news release by clicking here.

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