Facebook strangers pay young mother’s power bill

Paying higher power bills, its a problem on many of us worry about this time of year. But despite the cold, hearts warm up giving to those who need in the name of the season, including the gift of power.

Last week, a young mother received a disconnect notice from Paducah Power. After exhausting her options, she posted to Facebook, asking where she should turn next.  And she didn’t have to look far.

When one receives a bright red disconnect notice, Allison DeBoe knows the terror she felt when she realized she had run out of options. She’s a working mother who tried to turn to family, friends, and assistance programs without success.

DeBoe says she couldn’t have asked for a better Christmas gift when she didn’t have to worry about the red notice, “I read all the notifications and started crying. The electricity bill’s paid in full. I was like, no way.”

A gift ensuring she and her daughter, Peyton would be warm this winter, “It tore my heart in two because I was surprised and a lot of people don’t do that stuff.”

Every person, almost 50 commenters on the thread was complete strangers compelled to help. Strangers like Jason Clark who helped pay the remaining balance, “By the time I called the balance was down to $62.”

He and others recognized simply sending her to assistance programs at this time of year wouldn’t help much. They decided to call Paducah Power on their own, paying her bill on their behalf. Clark says, “I just think that post was special and it moved me reading it; I had a feeling it was good.”

With four children of his own, Clark says he was compelled to help give a little piece of blessing, “When opportunity and need meets, special things happen.”

He says he’s thankful DeBoe allowed herself to be vulnerable and allow the goodness of people. DeBoe says she’s just thankful and happy for her gracious ‘now-friends’ and neighbors, “It was just happy. I was happy they did it. There was nothing in the world that could have done it.”

Paducah Power tell us there are ten days between when a bill’s due date goes unpaid and the disconnect notice is mailed. Though they don’t disconnect in extreme weather, if you get a notice this winter you can ask to divide your bill into separate payments.

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