Spirit of giving alive in 10-year-old boy

A little boy’s giving spirit is reminding everyone about the true meaning of Christmas.

Keaton Kaufman, a 10-year-old at Sharpe Elementary in Marshall County, is like his fellow 4th graders. He’s got some passions, including karate and old coins. Also on the list, giving back.

“I wanted to raise a lot of money, and once I raised that goal, I got, I doubled it,” Keaton said.

The grand total: $225.

“I raised $100 from Santa, and I raised $125 from my family,” Keaton explained.

He wrote Santa a letter asking for help feeding a local family in need. Santa sent back money and requested Keaton go shopping for him, because he’s very busy this time of year. The cash inspired Keaton to raise even more money on his own. With the help of his parents, he spent it all on piles and piles of groceries, that will help feed a local family this holiday season.

“We all had tears when we, when we all found out what he was doing,” his teacher, Tera Graham, told Local 6.

She describes Keaton as an ‘old soul’.

“The fact that a 10-year-old already knows that it’s better to give than to receive is just amazing,” Graham said.

So, where does that giving spirit come from? His dad credits their strong faith.

“He really enjoys going to church,” Mark Kaufman explained. “He learns a lot of good things there.”

Good things that he’s now spreading to others, reminding even adults, like Sharpe Elementary Principal Jackie Reid, how great working with these kids can be.

“Sometimes in this job, you end up focusing on the bad behavior, and you focus on things that are not really all that fun,” Reid said. “This act of giving is the true meaning of Christmas.”

“I really hope they’ll have a great Christmas from this, and I learned a lot from it,” Keaton said.

Keaton plans to do this again next year, but bigger and better. His dad says they hope to start earlier and bring in even more food and donations.

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