What the Tech: Perfect Tech Gifts

With a little over a week left until Christmas, many of you may still be trying to figure out what to give that hard-to-buy-for person on the list.

Gift cards are easy, no brainers, but if you’d like to give someone something less impersonal, try one of these.

Keep a phone charged through the day with the Anker Astro portable charger. Not much bigger than a tube of lipstick, it holds a charge for days and will fully change an iPhone 53 times. There are many on the market, but the Anker Astro is around $26.

Everyone can use a unique phone case like those from Rockform. It has a couple of features you don’t usually find. There’s a magnet on the back to stick to a refrigerator or anything metal, and a locking mount you can attach to your car’s dash. The protective and useful case is around $40 and it fits iPhones and the Galaxy S5.

Most people don’t back up their computers. You can protect most everything on their hard drives with an online backup subscription from Carbonite. The subscription makes a copy of everything on the hard drive and stores it in the cloud. Their computer crashes, they can download it again. A one year subscription for Carbonite is $60.

If you got someone on your list who’s a selfie fanatic, they might like a selfie stick. It’s a telescoping extender that will hold a smartphone further than arms length. With the iPow self portrait remote camera, you place a smartphone in the clamp and extend the pole as far as 3 feet to give you a selfie that isn’t too close, great for group shots. The iPow connects to the phone through Bluetooth and there’s a shutter button right on the grip, click it, and the phone snaps a picture. The iPow retails for about $24.

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