Carbondale man escapes from ambulance, forces his way into vehicle

A Carbondale man was arrested after he escaped from an ambulance and forced his way into a vehicle.

The Carbondale Police Department says on Monday just before 6:30 p.m., officers were called to the 2100 block of South Illinois Avenue to assist an ambulance call.

The ambulance crew was transporting a patient, 35-year-old Salim Baker, to Choate Mental Health when he broke his restraints and jumped out the ambulance.

The ambulance crew told officers Baker attempted to flag down passing cars for a ride. Baker then forcibly entered the vehicle of a woman and her infant child near Pleasant Hill Road and South Illinois Avenue.

Baker told the woman to drive him to the 400 block of East Chestnut Street, but he left the vehicle and ran on foot after the woman screamed for help in the 100 block of East Jackson Street.

Baker was found at his home in the 400 block of East Chestnut Street and arrested without incident. He was charged with Trespass to a Vehicle and Disorderly Conduct.

Baker was taken to Memorial Hospital of Carbondale for further evaluation.

An investigation into the incident continues.

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