Holiday Tipping Guide

Tis the season for gifting and tipping. There’s a long list of people expected a small financial gift from you that you may not realize. Among those of you who do pass along special holiday tips, one survey showed 17% of  of you tip because of expectation, 73% do it to say “thank you” and 6% tip out of fear they won’t get good service next year if they’re stingy.

If you can’t decide who deserves a little extra cash this holiday season, start with your child’s regular babysitter. it’s custom to gift them an average day or night’s pay and have your kids make or buy the sitter a special gift.

If your child attends a daycare, the staff members in charge of your child’s care may expect some extra money. Tipping etiquette shows each staff member who cares for your child should receive between $25-$50.

Don’t forget your pet sitter. They should receive the price of one session this holiday season.

tip your hairdresser the cost of your normal session whether that’s a cut or a color.

Here’s one you’ve probably never heard. You should tip your child’s school bus driver anywhere from $10-$20 as an extra holiday “thank you.”

You can skip the tip to your doctor, dentist, veterinarian and tailor. They typically don’t expect anything extra.

For more on tipping etiquette, click here.

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