Local clinics packed, turning patients away

When you or your child is sick, a speedy recovery means everything. Consequently, more children are staying home from school and instead going to the doctor’s office. This is packing local clinics and forcing some to turn patients away.

The Mayfield Medical Center had to turn walk-in patients away after seeing 87 patients in one day. They say its a fine line between taking care of patients and maintaining the resources and staff to be able to continue caring for the patients.

Parents like Larry Campbell knew his son, Leo wasn’t feeling well when he wasn’t interested in playing. He like so many other parents err on the side of caution, “You have to bring them in because you feel bad if something’s actually wrong,” says Campbell.

With the number of parents and children filling the wait room, medical staff know it’s the peak of the sick season, “We have been very busy with fevers cough congestion,” says nurse practitioner, Sarah Darnell.

Darnell says she’s seeing more patients than ever, but it’s imperative to close the clinic at the end of the day, “There’s also when you meet your max capacity that you can see that day.”

Staff knows closing these doors and cutting off care early can be nerve-wracking for parents, but its so your child can get the best care.

Darnell says, “At some point you have to start slowing down in order to take care of the patients are here, but also you’re taking care of your staff.”

Because though there are more flu cases every day, Campbell knows it shouldn’t get in the way of his son’s play time right before the holidays.

With so many patients, its important to note the Mayfield Medical Center would never turn away emergency cases with symptoms like fever or vomiting.

If parents do find themselves with a child with an emergency sickness, be sure to go to the emergency room. But if the sickness is less severe, clinics are required to have an after-hours line, so parents are encouraged to utilize that resource until the next morning.

You still have time to get your flu shot. The center for disease control recently said the flu vaccine wasn’t as effective as they had anticipated this season, but it will still help if you do get sick.

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