Bullying pushed Lynch to Medal of Honor

Students at one local high school are getting some life advice from a Medal of Honor winner.

When Allen Lynch was a senior in high school he admits his prospects weren’t so bright.

“I was a very bad student,” said Allen Lynch. “I was bullied through grade school and part of high school and I really because of my grades back in 1964 you either went into the military or you went to college. There was no way I was going to college.”

After enlisting in the Army, Sgt. Lynch was sent to fight in Vietnam. Lynch would earn the Medal of Honor for saving three sounded comrades, by running 50 meters across a field during a firefight, and dragging each of them to safety.

“The guys were pinned down and there was no time to think about it,” said Lynch. “It was my training and the core values that my mom and dad showed me by example that came into effect.”

Core values that Sgt. Lynch may have passed to Vienna High School senior Tylour Daubert, who is considering the Air Force, by simply sharing his story.

“I took out quite a bit,” said Tylour Daubert. “It really makes you sit down and just think this is what happens and so many people don’t realize everything that has been given to them and they don’t realize the sacrifices and the commitment that have been made by other people for the better of them.”

“The day people decide that this country is not worth fighting for is the day that we start to lose our freedoms,” said Lynch.

Sgt. Lynch is one of only eighty living Medal of Honor recipients.

To hear more of Sgt. Lynch’s story click here.

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