TBI resources suspended in Tenn. district

Three men appeared in court on Wednesday in the kidnapping and murder case of nursing student, Holly Bobo.

Jason Autry and brothers Zach and Dylan Adams appeared in Decatur County Circuit Court. All three are charged in her murder. 

In court on Wednesday, their attorneys said there isn’t enough evidence linking them to Bobo’s murder, the prosecuting District Attorney’s Office said they’re still waiting on laboratory evidence to be processed.

Judge Creed McGinley ordered the state to begin turning over evidence because the Bobo case has been drawn out long enough, “I’m not going to treat the state any differently than I do the defendants in this case. But I’m absolutely out of patience with these cases not moving forward,” said McGinley.

But prosecution in Bobo’s case and others may be delayed even further because of a problem involving three main entities: the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, the prosecuting District Attorney’s Office, and local law enforcement.  
And while all of the agencies involved issued statements and releases, we still don’t have a clear answer as to why this is happening. The TBI has jurisdiction to investigate some cases throughout the state, but needs clearance from the District Attorney, Matt Stowe’s office, to investigate others. The Holly Bobo case would qualify as one of these cases.

But the TBI’s involvement in 5 Tennessee counties has been suspended.

In a statement issued by District Attorney Matt Stowe’s office, his office denied initiating the TBI’s suspension. You can read the full release here.

Local 6 also obtained the letter written by District Attorney Matt Stowe to TBI Director Mark Gwyn. You can read it here.

In response, the TBI issued a statement as well saying in part, “We’re neither confirming nor denying the reports of TBI services being halted in the 24th Judicial District.”

With local law enforcement caught in the cross hairs, the Henry County Sheriff’s Office has continuing cases of their own. Henry County is one of the counties affected by the TBI suspension.

The Sheriff’s Office issued their own statement, “We hope the conflict between the District Attorney and the TBI resolves quickly in the interest of justice and the residents in the 24th judicial district.”

Even in the Holly Bobo case, the prosecution is waiting for laboratory analysis of the evidence which would involve the TBI.

The use of TBI resources will affect current and future cases in the five counties until the suspension is lifted. The Henry County Sheriff’s Office told Local 6 that also includes the murder and kidnapping case of 80-year-old Bobby Dozier.

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