TBI resuming activities in the 24th Judicial District

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation has announced it will resume its activities in the 24th Judicial District.

On Wednesday, TBI said it was severing ties with the district at the request of District Attorney General Matthew Stowe.

The decision to resume operations came as the result of conversations held on Thursday.

Along with the decision from TBI, Stowe has asked that a special prosecutor be appointed to handle the Holly Bobo case in his place.

You can read the full letter from TBI here.

Local 6 spoke to Henry County, Tennessee Sheriff Monte Belew about the services TBI provides to his county and the importance it is to fighting crime.

“We don’t have a budget for this,” Belew said of having to find money to support the TBI’s services if the agency continued to stop its activities.

Belew said without the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, his county would suffer in holding criminals accountable.

“We don’t have a line item, we don’t have a budget whatsoever for any of this evidence to be processed,” Sheriff Belew said.

Which is where the TBI steps in.  The agency processes and provides things like alcohol and blood tests, bullet analysis and DNA testing.

Without the TBI, Belew said the county would have to use unappropriated county money to fund those services.  He said the people of Henry County already pay for the TBI to do that job – so if it were stopped for a period of time, it would force the county to out-source and the residents would be burdened with the extra expenses.

“If we get out into a bind and we have to use them, we’ll use them because we don’t want justice to suffer at the hands of a squabble here,” he said.

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