I Am Local 6: Retta Folsom and Bob Dog; Story Time at the McCracken Public Library

Story time can be a magical event where you can go anywhere and do anything.  You just need a good book and an imagination.  A woman and her dog have been telling stories to children for more than 20 years.

The McCracken County Library comes alive during story time with Retta Folsom and her helper, Bob Dog.

“Bob and I do a story.  We read, and we have the children read after us,” said Folsom.

Folsom calls herself as a storyteller.  She uses her talents as a musician and ventriloquist to tell tales through acting, instruments and props.  Her most famous prop is a puppet named Bob Dog.

After Folsom and Bob Dog read a story, more volunteers and characters come into play.

“That portion we call it bringing a book to life.  We try to create a scene,” said Folsom.

Folsom, Bob Dog, and volunteers go to different places and have numerous puppets and objects that allow them to recreate what the children’s author illustrates in a book.  A wall was built in the library to accommodate all kinds of puppets.

“Pigs, cats, dogs and then we had a mule, donkey and goats.  Then we have people puppets,” said Folsom.

It’s the smiles, the laughs and wonderment of little faces that brings the magic to story time.

“It has to be the children, and I always consider myself just a vehicle of letting the author or composer speak through me,” said Folsom.

Folsom and Bob Dog take a break for the holidays.  Story time will resume at the library on January 6th.  After story time comes to a close in 2015, Folsom and Bob Dog plan on taking the outreach program on the road to educate more children.

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