‘Super Saturday’ sales expected to surpass Black Fridays

Saturday is expected to be the biggest shopping day of the year – beating Black Friday sales. It’s the first time in ten years that ‘Super Saturday” is expected to be the number one sales day of the year, according to ShopperTrak.

ShopperTrak, a company that researches retailers, projects ‘Super Saturday’ sales to be close to $10 billion. They believe that’s partly because of lower prices at the pump, lower unemployment numbers, and increased consumer confidence.

Consumer reports suggest a lot of people procrastinate, and with lots of retailers past their standard shipping deadlines, it’s up to brick and mortar stores to supply the goods.

Which isn’t so bad if you needed to shop in person anyway, like shoppers Melissa Spreggs and Shelby Blankenship.

“We are trying to find a Shelby’s Christmas present she’s so hard to fit. So, I am bringing her with me to try stuff on,”  Spreggs said.

Spreggs said shopping in pairs is also good for moral support

“I brought her along to keep me sane, just to get through and find some good sales for the end of the year,” Spreggs said.

ShoperTrak said they anticipate sales to reach more than $270 billion for the entire holiday season a 3.8% increase from last year.

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