Buying in bulk: Is it worth it?

Do you play the coupon game? You know what we mean, right? We’re talking about price comparing, price matching and buying two just to get one half off. All that bargain hunting and bulk shopping takes up a lot of your time but is it really worth it?

Local mom and thrifty shopper, Mariah Hamby says yes. She has her hand hands full with her 1-year-old son, carter, but says clipping coupons and bargain shopping is a hobby and a money-saver for her family. She says she sometimes saves hundreds of dollars by stocking up on items when they’re on sale.

“You buy one and get two free and get two free and you use a total of three coupons, ” Hamby said. “I got 15 things of detergent and paid $4 for all of these. So it was exciting loading it up in my car and bringing it home and knowing I only spent $4 on a few months of detergent.”

A go-to strategy that helps her family free up room in their budget to live better. “It’s made things easier on us because I can be home with Carter, I can get through school and work part time and still continue to save money for our family,” Hamby said.

So, that’s why she’s maximizing her savings while also spending some quality time clipping with Carter. 

There is a guide-list out there of the items safe to buy in bulk and the items to buy only when you need them. 

Stock up on things like vitamins, paper goods, pet food, baked goods, canned goods and grains. You don’t want to have too much pet shampoo, junk food, anything with a limited shelf life, over-the-counter medicine, diapers and breakfast cereal.

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