Middle school could cost millions more

 A school barely built could end up costing millions more than projected. Marshall county, Kentucky’s new middle school could cost an extra $4 million.

Lovett said the school board expected a rise in price, but not this much.

“I just want to make sure we get the best school for our money,” Lovett said.


The initial building plans for the new middle school were the size of North Marshall Middle School, but with an area increase came a higher cost. The new middle schools cost could go up from $21 to $25 million.

“We asked for a little bit larger locker room area. We also wanted to add a football field, a softball field, and a running track,” Lovett said. 

Lovett said about $2 million will cover that additional cost.

“That leaves a little under $2 million. Part of it is going to be for the new code that they just came out with,” Lovett said.

The Department of Housing, Buildings, and Construction changed their building codes in 2012. They came into effect October 1st, 2014.

Lovett said $150,000 will go towards mechanical system testing, to make sure the building is in peak operating condition when it’s finished. 

He also said the board is looking to the building’s planners to cast a clearer picture on about $1.2 million in extra costs.


“I’ve asked for an itemized list as to why the costs have escalated and hope to have that by the first part of January,” Lovett said.

Tuesday, Marcum Engineer said they were leaving any questions to the school board and the project’s architect Curt Swinford. A message was left for Swinford.

Lovett said they’ve added a nickel tax to help offset the new schools cost. He also said this is just a projected cost. It could go down when the project goes up for a construction bid. The new middle school is set to open in the fall of 2016.

There are three middle schools in Marshall county. One of those schools, North Marshall is new. The other two are fairly old. The school district plans to put students from Benton Middle School and South Marshall Middle School under one roof. At a new middle school being built just off of US Highway 641.


Superintendent Trent Lovett said Benton Middle will most likely be torn down, but the gym will stay up. Plans for South Marshall Middle aren’t set. They’re looking for potential buyers. 

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