Volunteers rebuild home for the holidays

 BROOKPORT, IL — Though much of the damage from the tornado has been cleaned up, many of the scars still remain in the small community.  Over the past year 14 new homes have been built, and more are potentially on the way.

Like so many in Brookport, Charles Foyt says he will never forget the tornado that destroyed parts of his hometown and damaged his home.

“It knocked it off the blocks and drove the sewer pipe up through the toilet,” said Charles Foyt.  “It busted the walls, and windows, and tore the doors off.  I had to hammer it back together to get to this point.”

The day after Christmas dozens of volunteers began construction on Foyt’s new home.

“If a client has FEMA money that goes to purchase materials,” said Eddie Osburn.  “If they have insurance money that goes to purchase materials, and the rest of it we make up.  If they didn’t get any FEMA money, if they have no insurance, we just buy the whole thing.”

After driving the final nails on this home they hope to break ground on ten new homes in the Brookport area, giving local families new homes for the holidays.

“If everybody gave us eight hours that could,” said Bill Carr.  “If they had the ability too, and the resources too, we could build a house a week, every week.”

“What makes me feel the best is when we move a family in,” said Osburn.

The Foyt’s new home should be completely framed within the week.

If you are an electrician, plumber, or can hang dry wall and want to volunteer call Eddie Osburn at (270)704-9152.

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