Illinois law to change how E-cigarettes can be sold

Some say E-Cigarettes could be a healthier alternative for a smoker, but the liquid inside the device could be deadly to a child.

Starting the first of the year, Illinois state law is changing the way E-Cigarettes can be sold and displayed, to make sure they are not accessible to children.

Jason Smith used to smoke two packs a day, but with the help of a vaporizer he does not need to any more.

“I quit and hadn’t had a cigarette since,” said Smith.

He opened 618 Vape to help others kick the habit.

Gene Smith celebrated by signing the “Quitting Wall” inside the shop.

“Slowly but surely I could wake up in the morning without feeling all this congestion,” said Gene Smith.

Jason Smith says the new laws do not concern you as much as they do him.

Starting on the first, the vaping devices will have to be locked up.

“We’ve already conformed to the law right now, where everything is behind a glass counter, on the inside,” said Smith.

And E-Juice refills will need to be in child-proof packaging.

Regardless of the new packaging, Smith advises people to keep their devices and liquid away from children and in a lock box.

Smith also says E-Juice can be harmful to animals.

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