Report outlines state of Kentucky’s economy

Loss of manufacturing and the county with the greatest growth in jobs and wages in the state. Those are two of the big takeaways from the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce 2014 report: “Recovery From The Last Recession: How Kentucky’s Nine Regional Economies Performed”. The report looked at how the state’s economy performed from June 2009 to June 2014, dividing the state into nine economic regions.

A key finding in the report is that our economic region, the Paducah-Purchase, has lost manufacturing jobs. That’s while the Louisville, Lexington and Bowling Green-Hopkinsville regions grew jobs in the same field.

Looking at individual counties in our region, several saw loss of jobs and wages in the last five years.

Ballard:      -12.5 percent
Caldwell:      -1.9 percent
Crittenden:   -1.7 percent
Fulton:       -10.7 percent
Graves:        -1.4 percent
Trigg:           -6.1 percent

A standout though, Carlisle, with the greatest growth in the state since 2009. Carlisle County expanded its wage and salary job base by 46 percent over the last five years.

Other counties that saw growth in our region:

Livingston:   18.1 percent
Calloway:      6.3 percent
Lyon:             15 percent
McCracken:   2.3 percent
Marshall:       6.8 percent
Hickman:      0.1 percent

Overall, the state has added jobs at a rate of 5.6 percent in the last five years. That is slower than the national average of 6.3 percent.

To read the full report for yourself, click here.

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