NTSB removes plane from crash site

The National Transportation Safety Board is collecting perishable evidence at a plane crash site in Lyon County .They’re trying to find out why a plane holding a family of five Friday night came crashing down.

Bad weather held them up earlier, so the NTSB started examining the wreckage Sunday. A preliminary report will be released in about 10 days, but a full report could take a year.

Seven-year-old Sailor Gutzler survived the crash. Authorities said the crash killed her parents, sister and cousin.

Kentucky State Police Lt. Brent White said as the plane lay upside down Sailor tried waking up her family.

“She utilized her non-injured arm and hand to free herself from the aircraft.,” Lt. White said.

He said she hoped they were sleeping and went to look for help through the dark Friday night.

Now, instead of looking for survivors the NTSB is looking for evidence. 

“It could be ground scars, marks on the trees, or any type of liquid that could come out of the airplane,” Moats said

Heidi Moats with the NTSB said figuring out why this plane is in pieces will take time.

They’re gathering the plane piece by piece, to hopefully find answers as to what led to the crash. 

“Once we take the airplane back to the salvage facility, we’ll be going into a more in depth investigation into the airframe and looking to make sure everything was working alright and take a better look at the engines,” Moats said.

However, there is reason to believe the Gutzler’s knew they were going down. 

“There was evidence to me that indicated that they were possibly bracing for a crash landing,” Lt. White said.

The family was flying from key west, Florida to Mt. Vernon, Illinois. The Federal Aviation Administration said the pilot reported engine problems before the crash.

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