Community rallies around 7-year-old plane crash survivor

A number of questions remain as to what caused the Gutzler family plane to crash about ten miles short of the runway while trying to make an emergency landing.

Sources close to the family says that they had experienced electrical problems with the plane before take off, but they had gotten the problem fixed.

Their hometown of Nashville, Illinois, which has just over 3,000 residents is in mourning after the crash that claimed four of their own.

“It’s a tragedy that’s ripped to the core of the community,” said Nashville District 49 Superintendent Michael Brink.

Nashville District 49 Superintendent Michael Brink says six counselors were called into school, and students left notes at the desk of Piper Gutzler.

“It was very difficult for some of them coming back in here because the school will be a reminder of Piper and of Sierra,” said Brink.

A lone wreath sits on the door of the family’s furniture store, which remains open. Family friend Travis Volz says Marty and Kim Gutzler would have wanted it that way.

“They were the most generous people that you would ever need to know,” said Travis Volz. “My dad passed away just a couple of years ago and the first person over to my place was Marty.”

Lasting memories that a community will now pass on to 7-year-old Sailor Gutzler.

“She’s just a scrappy kid so she’ll get through it,” said Volz. “It will never be right but she’s going to have a lot of help.”

There has been a fund set up in Sailor’s honor, and you can find a link by clicking here.

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