Surviving the crash, NTSB clears plane crash scene

The National Transportation Safety Board has removed all debris from a plane crash Friday night in Lyon County, Kentucky. Pieces of the plane are now at a center in Clarksville, Tennessee for investigation. 

Crews have been working in the area since Friday night when a seven-year-old girl told police she was a plane crash survivor. 

The crash killed Sailor Gutzler’s mom, dad, sister, and cousin. The plane flew from Key West, Florida to Mt. Vernon, Illinois, but it crashed west of Kuttawa. They were trying to make it to the Kentucky Dam State Park Airport for an emergency landing less than ten miles away.

WPSD Local 6 visited the crash site for the first time Monday. One of the first to find the crash site, Lyon County Executive Judge Wade White looks back on how it felt. 

“Basically sick at my stomach thinking of the people and the struggle Sailor had to go through,” White said.

White said she had all the odds against her because it was 39 degrees, it was raining, as well as completely dark, but he believes she wasn’t alone.

“Even though she’s a strong little girl, I believe God was leading her out by her hands,” White said.

White said while the plane was upside down, its believed Sailor crawled through a small hole on one side of the plane and walked around it to a small fire. There, she tried lighting some sticks, but they wouldn’t light because of the rain so she got up and started walking into the woods to look for help.

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