Donation helping to bring technology to southern Illinois classrooms

These days kids are using computer screens and tablet sometimes more than they are using pen and paper in classrooms.

But technology is expensive and schools in Southern Illinois cannot always afford the latest and greatest.

The City of Marion received a technology grant that provided them with some new gadgets.

Instead of keeping the new digital projectors in City Hall, they city gave them to the Marion School District as a gift.

The projectors will allow teachers to show images in 3D, record their lessons, and zoom in on certain words or images.

White boards are not totally obsolete in Mrs. Landes third grade classroom at Lincoln Elementary, but thanks to a heft grant from the state, Mrs. Landes class is the only classroom in the entire school where every student has iPads.

Landes says the students respond well to technology, but grants like the one that provided the tablets are few and far between.

The budget is tight in the Marion School District.

“For Christmas, we asked for things like glue sticks and we asked for ink cartridges for our printers, things that we would consider necessary,” said Landes.

Landes says one of her students favorite techy-tools is the digital projector.

“It takes what we’re doing and displays it so the students can see it in a larger picture,” said Landes.

But not every classroom has one, so they are often passed around and shared, just like the tablets.

Landes says the children seem to absorb more information quicker when they are working on a device.

But she says she knows the district can only get so much.

“We’re really thankful for anything that we get,” said Landes.

The four digital projectors are being distributed to classrooms in Washington Elementary School.

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