State of County and City speeches given during partnership breakfast

Where we’ve been and where we’re heading, that was the focus of Paducah Mayor Gayle Kaler’s State of the City address Thursday morning.

She spoke at the Paducah Area Chamber of Commerce’s Power in Partnership Breakfast.

Kaler highlighted Paducah’s honors both nationally and internationally. She also congratulated several city departments, including the police department and a reduction in crime.

“We’re working to make Paducah safer. We have an eight percent reduction in repeat domestic violence offenses and a 24 percent reduction in the last five years. Governor Beshear has made that one of his priorities and I want that to be a priority in Paducah. We will not tolerate domestic violence,” said Kaler.

During her speech, she referenced possible curbside recycling in Paducah. Local 6 caught up with her afterwards to ask for any specifics.

“We’ve begun the process of working to facilitate curbside within the city of Paducah. We hope to have that plan brought before the city commission within the year,” said Kaler.

McCracken County’s new Judge Executive Bob Leeper also spoke at the event Thursday morning. He gave the State of the County address and introduced his team of elected officials in the county.

Leeper didn’t get very specific during his speech, saying he’s still learning the rope. He did talk about the issue of declining population in the city and county and spoke with Local 6 after the speech about ways to deal with the problem.

“We’re gonna’ work to change that. We’re gonna’ do our best and every opportunity we get to create some well paying jobs in this community, we’re gonna’ take advantage of those,” said Leeper.

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