Be On The Lookout: Credit card scam impacts local businesses

In this week’s Be On The Lookout, a warning from police about a credit card scam, this time for local businesses.

Carbondale Police say they’re currently working two active investigations that they believe are related. Click here to see more information on their website.

The most recent is a business in the 2000 block of Sweets Drive that reported credit card fraud. Police say the suspect calls the business and places an order over the phone using the stolen credit card. Shortly after the call, additional suspects go to the business to collect the merchandise, before it’s been determined that the credit card information is stolen.

Police are urging businesses to be cautious when accepting credit card payment over the phone. In fact, they’re recommending businesses physically process the card, verify the signature and compare the physical identity of the person presenting the credit card with at least one form of identification.

Carbondale Police have made an arrest in a case involving more than $8,000 worth of merchandise from a local business.

Both cases are still under investigation. If you have information, contact Carbondale Police at (618) 457-3200 or Crime Stoppers at (618) 549-COPS (2677).

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