Lone Oak apartment fire victim jumped from window

A fire broke out at an apartment on Lone Oak on Tuesday, trapping a woman inside. She was able to escape with only a few bruises. But things could have unfolded quite differently.

Macy Forester finds it hard to shake the memories of being trapped in a second story apartment. She was taking a brief nap when she began to smell smoke. Forester says she went to check the stairway to the downstairs kitchen, “I was seeing all the flames and smoke coming up.”

She was trapped on the second floor and called 911 when she began to try to figure out how to escape. She says she thinks she heard someone encouraging her to jump down from the small window. Forester says she feels so fortunate and grateful someone was there to catch her.

But Forester’s next door neighbor, Bradley Davis didn’t initially hear her cries for help because Davis is deaf. Davis recounted the events of that afternoon saying he wasn’t supposed to be at his home. It was only by chance he was hungry enough to swing by his home and see the smoke coming from next door.

Davis was the only one to jump into action and help Forester. Davis’ grandmother, Rose says he was in the right place at the right time to save his neighbor’s life, “The girl fell and he caught her.”

And the overwhelming sentiment from both Forester and Davis, gratitude. Forester says, “I was lucky to get out and I was lucky I had a hero down here who saved me.”

The Paducah Fire Marshal said the fire began in the kitchen, but the cause is still unknown.

Another victim from the fire, Forester’s 7 month old pit bull, Lola. We spoke with Lola’s Veterinarian with the Paducah Vet Clinic. He said she is stable, but on pain medication and topical creams to manage her burns. She will also need surgery.

Forester, along with two other people who live there, lost everything in the fire. Her workplace, Buffalo Wild Wings in Paducah is managing and accepting any assistance.

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