I Am Local 6: Barb Hoth, Featured Photographer in the WPSD Weather Calendar and Weather Almanac

In this year’s WPSD Weather Calendar and Almanac, you may notice many of the pictures are taken by viewers.  Barb Hoth is an avid photographer.  She’s not a professional, but you wouldn’t know it.

You may not recognize her face, but when you hear her name and see her work, she may become familiar.

“I’ve seen over 70 of my pictures on the news,” said Hoth.

Hoth lives in Eddyville, Kentucky and is one of the featured photographers in this year’s weather calendar and almanac.

“I’m really proud of that because I like sharing my pictures with everyone,” said Hoth.

After 32 years of snapping pictures, Hoth says her favorite subject is mother nature.

“It’s just so pretty here in Kentucky.  Every day is different.  I like to take pictures of the stuff other people might not see close up,” said Hoth.

 Hoth doesn’t have to travel too far to capture perfect photographs.  Many of her images are taken right outside her home.

“The sunrises and sunsets, here, are just spectacular.  I like to go to the lakes.  We’ve got pelicans in the bay,” said Hoth.

The lenses and cameras Hoth uses allow her to capture more than what the ordinary eye would see.

“I don’t want to just make one thing the subject.  I want to look deeper into it,” said Hoth.

Hoth hopes to one day turn her pictures into postcards and place them in tourist centers so she can share the “beauty” of Kentucky.

If you know of someone with an interesting hobby, you may contact Tori Shaw at tshaw@wpsdlocal6.com, @TShawWPSD, or on Facebook, Tori Shaw – WPSD Local 6

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