It’s Girl Scout Cookie Season

 The Girl Scouts have their own special way of kicking off the new year – with cookie season!  As much as we love the cookies, it means more than just handing over money for your favorite box of Thin Mints or Samoas.  It is about the skills a girl gains from interacting with others.

The Girl Scouts of the U.S.A. is a well known and established organization that helps instill goals and values in young girls.  When it comes time for Girl Scouts to sell cookies, many people expect to receive a knock on the door or a local troop set up outside a store, but you might ask where does all the cookie money go?

Local troops rely on their cookie sales to raise much needed money for the entire year.  Meagan Musselman has been a girl scout her entire life. She is now leading troop 395.

“This is the most fun thing I get to volunteer my time with, to see how excited the girls get, it’s just the best reward,” said Musselman.

Musselman said it is an exciting time of the year for the girls.

“The hype right now is cookie sales so the girls are talking about it, how many cookies did you sell. It’s something they anticipate all year long,” said Musselman.

Through cookie sales, Musselman said the girls learn skills essential to success in life.

“It gives them lots of opportunity to develop leadership skills and it exposes them to so many things that school or family experiences may never take them,” said Musselman.

Selling boxes and boxes of cookies to raise money for their troop.

“It is our only fundraiser that we have. This is our fifth year, and it is our third year that we haven’t had to charge dues to the parents for their daughter to be apart of Girl Scouts,” said Musselman.

Musselman said the money you spend helps to cover much-needed expenses.

“The actual boxes of cookies this year are $3.50, of which 50 cents per box comes directly back to the troop.  We use that to offset expenses that the troop incurs such as craft projects, service projects, badges, and transportation,” said Musselman.

Your purchase means you get tasty cookies and girls learn skills that last a lifetime.

Kentuckiana has one of the largest return to girl profits per box at 50 cents and the lowest cost to customer per box at $3.50.  The total amount raised per troop depends on the number of boxes each troop sells.  Profits returned to the girls are used at the girls discretion.  Many choose to fund projects in their communities such as food and blankets for local animal shelters or purchasing equipment for playgrounds.

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