Pavilion, not showroom, housing Quilt Show

Paducah City Council announced Tuesday night that the inflatable pavilion will be used to house the quilt show this year. The AQS week was originally going to be held in a newly-renovated showroom, but the quilters will gather in the pavilion again this April.

The Quilt Show will see the pavilion again because of the delayed groundbreaking on the hotel and rushing renovations on the showroom would cost more money.

Hotel construction was pushed back, and in exchange for a later ground-breaking date the pavilion will be restored on this platform. Which means there is no pressing deadline for the showroom renovation.

But the city is maintaining a strict deadline for the hotel to close on financing by the end of this month. So we while we won’t be seeing a hotel on this site for at least three months, maybe more, both quilt show coordinators and city representatives think this is the best option.

Paducah City Mayor Gayle Kaler says it’s been a process, but everyone is satisfied, “Its been a progression of thought progression for the quilt show and the timing of the hotel groundbreaking.” Kaler says its taken a lot of the pressure off everyone. Because instead of rushing renovations on the showroom, the city has the opportunity to complete the showroom renovations correctly, “Its an opportunity for us to step back, take a deep breath and have more time to look over the process,” says Kaler.

Though Kaler isn’t the only one excited about the pavilion making a return. The American Quilt Society members are happy they’ll be in a location they’re familiar with, “We know what to expect and so do the vendors, they know where they’re going exactly.”

With the final decision to not house the 2015 quilt show in a deteriorating showroom, the AQS President and co-founder Meredith Schroeder says they can finally secure quilt week contracts, “We were very stressed to be honest with you in what we were going to do, it’s thousands of thousands of dollars.”

Now both the city and the Quilt Society are satisfied with the decision, “The main task was the vendors because we couldn’t move forward without knowing where they were going to go,” says Schroeder. Although it’s again thought to be the pavilion’s final year, “Its a win all the way around its a win for us, the hotelieres, the quilt show. They’re ecstatic.” says Kaler.

The City Manager, Jeff Pederson says the showroom will undergo renovations regardless, though there isn’t a timeline for the renovations.

And with the pavilion and the platform in use another year, that’s more return on the investment of the pavilion and the platform. So it won’t cost the city extra.

The American Quilt Show week will be this April 22-25.

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