State’s Attorney takes stand for local officers

The fuzz, five-o, and super troopers, we’ve all heard the different names for police officers, but behind the badge they are just normal everyday people like you and me.

Over a 17 year career in law enforcement, Williamson County Deputy Brian Murrah has seen and heard it all.

“There’s times when they get mad and say things that aren’t very polite, or they do things that aren’t very polite,” said Dep. Brian Murrah. “It’s just really part of it.”

Most of the four letter words go in one ear and out the other, but according to Deputy Murrah some of it sticks with him.

“Every now and then you bump into somebody that you think really means it or might have the ability to carry through,” said Dep. Murrah.

Until recently Illinois law gave prosecutors very little leeway in protecting law enforcement officers. However, Williamson County State’s Attorney Brandon Zanoti has made it a point that it won’t be tolerated in his county.

“These policemen are out there morning, noon, and night risking their lives for the safety of all of us for the safety of the community,” said Brandon Zanoti. “What happens when they’re the ones who need the protection that we’re getting.”

“All of us have the goal when we come to work we want to get home in the same shape that we were when we left there,” said Murrah. “It’s true for us, it’s true for fire fighters, it’s true for truck drivers and everybody.”

Zanoti says he is working with other local state’s attorneys to pursue charges for serious threats on officers, which is a class 3 felony in Illinois.

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