Family, friends hold candlelight vigil for missing Harrisburg man

It’s a simple prayer with a heartfelt message.

“Kyle has been gone almost a month now, but we want him to know just in case he sees this broadcast that he has not been forgotten,” said Pastor Dwayne Taylor.

In a Harrisburg, Illinois parking lot, Kyle Brown’s closest friends and family are praying for his return.  His mother Tina hopes a Friday night candlelight vigil will shed some light on this month-long missing person’s case.

“I want everybody to not give up and to keep searching for Kyle and help bring him home,” Tina told Local 6.

She hasn’t seen her son, her only child, since late December.  While days have come and gone, so have birthdays.  Kyle’s birthday was in early January and there was no celebration.  “Prepare for the worst, but hope for the best.  So that’s what I’m trying to go on right now.  Just hope for the best,” Tina said with tears.

Brown’s cousin Angelia Price held a candle.  “It’s a very hard situation for everybody,” she said.  

Like everyone else at the vigil, she prays Brown comes home.  “No family should have to go through this,” Price told Local 6.

For Tina, it’s her faith that’s shining bright.  “Right now that’s the only thing that’s getting me through from day to day,” she said.

Kyle left with his mother’s SUV.  It’s a black 2001 Honda CRV with Illinois license plate number F843829.

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