Keeping your gym resolution

The first month of the year is almost over. Have you stuck with your new year’s resolution? Statistics show 64 percent of people who make resolutions stick with them for a month. The number resolution one on a lot of lists: losing weight.

Physical trainer Anisa Cox at Energy Fitness in Paducah said accountability is a major factor in keeping up with your gym resolutions.

“Accountability is everything, even with me, my husband and I work out and if he doesn’t come its easy for me to say I think I’ll just head on home today,” Cox said

She said routinely tweaking your workouts can help keep the motivation going.

“As you get into it you’ll see it gets easier to add that 3rd day. It gets easier to know that, ‘I’ve got to go become a habit’. You don’t dread it as much. Its part of your lifestyle,” Cox said.

Staying hydrated is important when working out too. So you don’t regain those pounds at home.

“You think you’re hungry when all your body is trying to do is get you to drink more water to hydrate,” Cox said.

Cox recommends cardio and strength training for the best results.

“When your strength training you’re building muscle. So when you do your cardio and you have more muscle you burn more calories, which burns more fat,” Cox said.

While gaining muscle means you may not see a big change on the scale, you’ll see the difference in your clothing sizes and your health.

After your workout, physical trainers suggest a protein snack. It’ll help your body recover and curb your appetite.

If you’re not the gym type, the app, Johnson and Johnson gives you a good workout without equipment. It gives you customized seven-minute workouts that target the area you want. It’s available on iPhone and android phones.

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