New auto-parts plant hiring

A new company from overseas puts on the final touches to make a local county home. Germany-based Iwis Engine Systems will have its ribbon cutting ceremony March 6th, in Murray, Kentucky.

The auto parts maker will officially start production in July, but they’re already hiring to start training early. Iwis Engine Systems CEO Ulrich Bach has been coming regularly from Germany to Murray, KY since September. 

“To hire people, to train people, to get the machining and the last setups,” Bach said.

He said he’s focusing on local suppliers to help get the auto parts plant ready for full operations in July.

“We already have set up with two companies who are supplying us, and even building machines for us. Which helps us a lot,” Bach said.

Bachs in-house help is mostly local too. He said it guarantees his employees stay committed.

“People are living here, they are stable, they have their families here, because for us it’s important to invest time and training for these people,” Bach said.

Right now Iwis is preparing projects for General Motors and Chrysler, but they have plenty of space for future expansion.

Executive Director Murray Calloway Economic Development Mark Manning said working with Iwis is bringing more development opportunities.

“It adds more to the local economy when a company comes in and uses local business services,” Manning said 

They’ve already had some interest while visiting Iwis in Germany.

Iwis actually introduced us to other companies that might consider coming to the us in the future,” Manning said.

Considering coming to Kentucky, something both Manning and Ulrich agree wouldn’t have likely happened without Governor Steve Beshear’s recruiting presence overseas. 

Bach said they plan to hire 35 people to start before July. He said they plan to hire at least 75 more next year. 

Iwis Engine Systems is looking to hire supply chain management, logistics, and technical positions. Ulrich said Murray State is a good recruiting tool. Bach said three of six people he’s hired recently are new Murray graduates, but he also said they’re a lot of technically skilled people in the area from former companies.

For more information on how to apply, visit: or you can apply in person by bringing your resumes to the plant on U.S. 641 North.

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