SIU asks students to ‘Step Up’ safety training

Southern Illinois University is requiring students to complete safety training or be removed from school.

For many students domestic violence and sexual assault can be a touchy subject.

“Sexual assaults happen at all college campuses so the fact that we’re actually talking about it is the best thing that could happen,” said graduate student Natalie Hendricks. “I think it’s worse when we don’t know it’s happening, and no one talks about it.”

That’s why “Step Up” is the ultimate pass or fail college class.

“We are requiring new students to participate in the program to stay in school, and today was the deadline,” said SIU spokeswoman Rae Goldsmith.

After taking an online quiz, saluki students were asked to take a 45 minute class to help them not only protect themselves, but others.

“If you see a student making a bad decision with alcohol how can you positively intervene,” said Goldsmith.

Though it might have been uncomfortable graduate student Natalie Hendricks says it’s a stark reminder.

“This could happen to anyone,” said Hendricks. “You should treat someone you see in a situation like they are someone you know. You wouldn’t want this to happen to your family, or your friends, and someone who doesn’t know them to not step in.”

SIU spokeswoman Rae Goldsmith says ten students failed to complete the training by the deadline.

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