I Am Local 6: Mayfield Elementary School Cheerleaders, 8-time National Champions

Some may think cheerleading is not a sport, but students, teachers and staff at Mayfield Elementary School will disagree with you.

The Mayfield Cardinals Cheerleading Team may be small in size. Many of them are new to the sport, but that did not stop them from bringing home the hardware.

The Mayfield Cardinals brought home the Cheerleading National Title. It’s not the first time. It’s the eighth.

“Feels really good because you’re passing tradition on to another team,” said veteran cheerleader, Yenni Gonzalez.

Like any tradition, a legacy is built on many practices and hard work just like every sport.

“Just like football, you sweat. You work hard and get injuries. Cheerleading; it’s the same thing. If we fall, we get right back up and try again,” said Lisa Duffy, 5th grader.

After winning eight national championships, one would think the team had years of experience, but in reality, more than half the team is brand new.

“I’ve always wanted to be in a sport, but not just any type of sport. A sport, I know, is difficult,” said Gonzalez.

Tumbling and stunts may make cheerleading difficult for Yenni, but it’s Josie’s favorite part.

“You get to go in the air, and it feels really good to do it,” said Josie Hale, 3rd grader.

The Cardinals beat out teams in flips, tosses and animations, also known as their perky faces. Fun is the key word here along with go, fight and win.

“It just helps me. If I didn’t have cheerleading, I wouldn’t have any fun. I’d just be at home,” said Duffy.

Instead the them brings home another title. The team receives a lot of support from parents, students and staff. Their principal travels to their competitions in Texas to support his students.

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