Super Bowl super fans

As we head into Super Bowl weekend, we realize there are a few things people might defend to the death.

A person’s favorite sports team is probably one of them.

Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots fans are gearing up for Sunday’s Super Bowl XLIX. That includes some dedicated fans in western Kentucky.

Inside New Vision Missionary Baptist Church in Mayfield, you’ll meet a man of faith and a big fan of football.

Pastor Adam Stephenson backs the New England Patriots mainly for one reason.

“I got in it with Tom Brady. Tom Brady is the one that intrigued me,” said Stephenson.

He’s even using Deflate Gate as a jumping off point for Sunday’s sermon.

“The sermon won’t necessarily be all about the Patriots, obviously. I want to preach Jesus. I thought that was a fun way to deal with it,” said Stephenson.

Down the road in Lone Oak, Laura Millet started watching the Seattle Seahawks with her dad at age 7.

“Every Sunday as long as I could I’ve been watching the Seahawks play. Even when they sucked!” said Millet.

She has quite the collection, everything from key chains and shoes to a leather jacket.

Her favorite current player?

“Kam Chancellor. Strong safety for the Seattle. Hits like a brick truck,” said Millet.

Her plan if her team wins?

“I’ll probably get another tattoo. Just kidding, my husband would have a heart attack,” said Millet.

You can watch the Super Bowl coverage on Local 6 starting at 11:00 a.m. on Sunday. Kickoff is set for 5:30 p.m.

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