Local communities continue conversations about measles and vaccinations

More people are talking about measles now than they have in years past; however, for most healthcare workers, the conversation never stops.

“We discuss measles every day,” said Kent Coster, Director of Health for Purchase Area Health District. Especially the importance of the vaccine, he added. 

Coster said measles is among the most contagious viruses out there. For example, if someone with the measles walked down a hallway past 10 unvaccinated people, nine of them would get sick. 

Pediatrician Dr. David Schell told Local 6 his office issues 10 to 20 MMR vaccines every day. He said, on average, the vaccine is 97% effective. 

While he thinks 100% of people should get it, a growing number of parents are choosing not to vaccinate their children.

“Now because we’re having more people opt out of getting vaccinated, there’s a little reservoir of measles in our country and in our society,” he said.

None of the reservoir has shown up in Local 6 communities, but both Schell and Coster agree there is always a chance which is why the conversations about how to keep kids safe need to keep happening.

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