Double dose of medical marijuana news for Illinois community

Out of all the licenses issued across the state of Illinois to cultivate, dispense and sell medical marijuana, Anna, Illinois in Union County will have two. 

Wellness Group Pharms is approved to grow pot for medicinal use and KPG of Anna will dispense it. Mayor Jim Cross told Local 6 it could be the thing that saves the town from continued job loss.  Both businesses together could mean more than 100 jobs.  

“It will bring in millions of dollars is what we’ve been told,” he said. 

Wellness Group Pharms will have about 10 acres just outside the city limits to grow the medical marijuana. It’s a location that surprises many because of how close it is to town. 

Barb Nance will get to see the business grow first hand because she works in the hotel directly across from the land the dispensary will go up. While she’s hopeful the business will create jobs, she hopes it doesn’t create more problems. 

“Still makes you a little nervous, having it in your back door,” she said. 

Jill Braswell, Project Manager for KPG told Local 6, no one has anything to worry about. Security will be at the highest level. 

“Illinois has one of the toughest laws on medical marijuana so people should find comfort in that,” she said.  

Cross admits as a former firefighter who worked closely with police officers in his town, he’s had to take a hard look at the drug. He encourages everyone to educate themselves on the plant that could potential heal many sick people and save their community at the same time. 

“How can you not?” he asked. “We have to give this a shot.”

Some agree, but are still worried about what could come next. 

Nance said, “I would say definitely the unknown is the scariest of it.”  

Cross said, as he understood the process, the cultivating process will begin shortly after they set up shop on the land and the dispensary has plans to be open and ready to go when the first crop is harvested as early as June or July. 

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