Free online workshops being held on tornadoes

Are you interested in the science behind tornadoes?

If you are, a free online workshop series might be for you.

The University of Oklahoma Student Chapter of the American Meteorological Society is hosting a 9 week Tornado Forecasting Workshop series.

The series is being hosted with the Storm Prediction Center’s Lead Forecaster Rich Thompson.

You can watch each workshop for free online by clicking here.  Each workshop will be held from 7:30 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Here’s the current workshop schedule:

February 3rd – Sounding analysis and synoptic meteorology (lifted parcels, Q-G theory, etc.)
February 10th – Severe storm ingredients (low-level moisture and lapse rates)
February 17th – Severe storm ingredients (vertical shear and lift)
March 3rd – Supercell and tornado conceptual models (plus composite parameters)
March 10th – Tornado patterns (synoptic and mesoscale)
March 24th – Convective mode forecasting (squall lines vs. discrete cells)
April 7th – Tornado parameter climatology (spatial and temporal distributions of CAPE and shear)
April 14th – Numerical models and statistical techniques (convective schemes and post processing)
April 21st – Real-time forecasting exercise

If you can’t watch the workshops live, you can watch them later by clicking here.

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