Shortage of substitute teachers

When your child loads the bus and heads to school, you expect there to be a teacher in their classroom.

And when that teacher calls in sick, schools look through pages and pages of names to find a substitute.

Schools in the Local 6 region say they are having to get creative when it comes to covering classes because there is a shortage of subs in the area.

In Miss Molly Brown’s kindergarten class at Denning Elementary School in West Frankfort, Illinois it is all fun and games.

But in the office, it is a bit more stressful.

Principal Susan Glodich says she is constantly on the hunt for substitute teachers.

Glodich says subbing is not consistent work and that her district only pays $75.00 a day.

“Less and less students going into the teacher ed program because they can make more money in the private sector,” said Glodich.

Just last week, Denning Elementary called 32 subs to help out, but all of them were booked at other schools.

Brown says she hates to put her administrators in a tough spot, even if she is feeling under the weather.

“If we’re sick, most of us just try to come in and tough it out,” said Brown.

But on days when she just cannot make it work, or she is attending a mandatory teacher conference, she has to leave her administrators with the difficult task of covering her classroom.

“We call, we text, we do everything, begging, ‘Please come!'” said Glodich.

And if all else fails, Glodich will play teacher for the day.

“If necessary, I can go down and cover for a bit until we can get somebody in,” said Glodich.

That way the kiddos do not miss a beat in the classroom.

To substitute teach in Illinois you need a Bachelors Degree.

In Kentucky, you are require to have an Associates Degree and in Missouri you need at least 60 hours of college credit.

In Tennessee, a sub candidate needs a high school diploma, or a Bachelors Degree in some counties.

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