Convention Center stays hotel agreement

Downtown Paducah will not see a hotel any time soon, but it’s not a death sentence. The Convention Center board met Wednesday afternoon for the first time since hotel developer Senate Hospitality did not meet the city’s deadline to close on financing.

The convention center decided to not terminate their agreement with the hotel developers because they plan to give the bid to build one another look. The Convention Center Board President told he’s not privy to information as to why Senate Hospitality failed to meet the financing deadline, but he says there were promising last-minute developments leading up to the deadline, but can’t discuss them.

So instead of breaking the agreement entirely, the Convention Center is withholding the right to either terminate or execute the agreement in the future. Vice Chairman of the Convention Center Board Brian Katz said, “We are continuing along and feel like from the legal standpoint me of the right to terminate the agreement from a legal standpoint if we choose to do that.”

The board also discussed former Convention Center managers J. Patrick Kerr Jr. and Susan Wilson. In 2012, they were both convicted of embezzling more than $240,000 from the convention center. A judge ordered them to pay back this money, and on Wednesday the board members discussed how to secure this money. They decided to contact the probation officers instead of filing a lawsuit.

Katz mentioned in the meeting, “If not we don’t have a basis to go after them exactly would have to sue them and get a personal judgment against them we’re going to do something like that.”

At the meeting they also discussed who would fill open positions on the board. The Carson Center will continue managing the Convention Center through their agreement with Senate Hospitality through next month.

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