Anthem hack: What steps to take

Sophisticated hackers’ could have your confidential and personal information. Anthem, one of the largest healthcare providers was hacked last Thursday. They stole social security numbers, birth dates, job information, as well as physical and email addresses. Local 6 employees were also subject to the breach.

We received an email Thursday morning. It says in part, “Once the attack was discovered, Anthem immediately made every effort to close the security vulnerability and contact the FBI.” 

A spokesperson for Mandiant, the computer security company Anthem has hired to evaluate the systems says this is the largest health care breach to date.

A lot of people are left with a lot of questions, but most of us can only wait right now. Anthem has promised credit and information monitoring services, but they need to first investigate who was impacted. It has many of us, including local business owners and their employees on edge.

Misti Cary works for Connecting Point, a Paducah computer store. Cary says she feels as though nothing is secure anymore, “Its unavoidable at some point sometimes, nothing is totally secure anymore.” She’s concerned the Anthem healthcare through her employer has put her information at risk.

Owner, Chloe Deweese did what she could in notifying her staff. She says it was the topic of conversation Thursday morning, and has scared a lot of her employees as well as herself. Anthem has issued a web page and help line to field public questions, but Deweese can only wait in terms of any help she can provide her staff.

The toll free number is 1-877-263-7995. Local 6’s Amanda Roberts found it fairly easy to talk to a real person and get questions answered although no action.  You can also click here for more information.

Deweese says waiting is the hardest part, but it’s even tougher when it’s an identity on the line. She says she wishes she knew either way, “I’m hoping they’re going to tell us if we got compromised one way or the other.”

One of the main questions many ask is what can they do now ahead of Anthem’s investigation. Deweese says you could pay for a credit of information monitor service now, something Anthem plans to eventually provide.

Deweese says if you’re not signed up for one of these services, watch your mail for excess credit card applications and bills including email. She says to be cautious if you start to see a high number of the statements, “We all see those to some extent. Instead of once a week if you see them once a day that may be a red flag something’s up.”

Anthem representatives say if they find you are affected by the breach, they will let you know you are eligible for free credit and information monitoring. You can also sign up for a fraud alert for your accounts through a credit bureau like Experian, Transunion and Equifax.

And continually monitor your bank and credit statements because, Deweese says this investigation could take a while.

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