Day 2: Keith Griffith individual jury questioning

For a second straight day, inside Judge Tim Kaltenbach’s chambers, more than a dozen possible jurors were questioned about their knowledge of the case and the death penalty.

Some were excused because they told the judge they formed opinions about the case when they first heard about it, opinions Judge Kaltenbach said could taint the jury.  Others were excused from service because of their view on the death penalty.

They told the defense and prosecution they couldn’t consider death as an option should a guilty verdict be reached.  Because it is a death penalty case, Judge Kaltenbach wants to seat a jury that could hand down all possible sentence options.

Individual questioning of the jurors is required under Kentucky law for cases involving the death penalty.  The trial itself is expected to last at least two weeks, one week each for the state and the defense.

Griffith pleaded not guilty to shooting and killing his wife Julie inside their Reidland, Kentucky home in 2014.

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