Help Wanted: Best jobs for veterans in 2015

In this week’s Help Wanted, a look at the top jobs for veterans in 2015.

This list was compiled by the CareerCast Veterans Network, and is based on the skills those veterans gained while in service. Here are the top six:

1.) Emergency Medical Technician
2.) Industrial Engineering Technician
3.) Registered Nurse
4.) Software Engineer
5.) Construction Program Manager
6.) Electrician

To see the full list and article from CareerCast, including the reasons why these jobs are top notch for veterans, click here.

Here are two job openings from the fields listed with CareerCast in our local area:

1.) Construction Project Manager- Paducah, KY; Vanguard Construction

2.) Electrician- Calvert City, KY; CC Metals and Alloys Inc.

If there’s a job opening you’d like us to let others know about, email me at

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