Daughter looking for information to solve mother’s murder

Nearly nine years after the murder of Margret Anderson at her home in Ledbetter her family is still wondering why. Kentucky State Police is looking for new leads to help find the answer. 

Losing her mom has taught Paula Foglesong to treasure the days you have with the ones you love.

“They are numbered and you don’t know what that number is,” Foglesong said.

In July 2006, her mom Margret Anderson was discovered dead. Detectives said someone broke into Anderson’s home, and stabbed her several times. With every lead exhausted, KSP Trooper Jay Thomas said they’re looking for any new information.

“We definitely want to get answers for the family. I would hate to know that I’ve had a loved one of mine killed and years goes by without solving the case,” Thomas said. 

Foglesong said she has a lot of faith in KSP. If it’s meant to be they’ll find what they need to find. However, it’s about more than just knowing who, she wants to know why.       

“She didn’t have any money. There was no reason to hurt her for money.  That does bother me because I’ve thought of it many times,” Foglesong said. 

She said her mom was more than just a murder victim. She loved flowers, gardening, and her family.

“I know that mom would want me to give every energy and minute I can for the ones I love and not hold hatred,” Foglesong said. 

That’s a lesson Foglesong hopes others take from her mother’s story, even if her murder is never solved. 

“My mom taught me a lot, to be strong, but don’t hesitate to let the ones you know you love them 

If you have information on Margret Anderson’s death, call KSP (270) 856-3721 or text a tip to 67283. You can remain anonymous.

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